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Dragonfly Daze Gallery

Welcome to my gallery.

Their are three sub menu's one for Bug's art, second art for sale, and finally Bug's personal photography.

New wings stretch open to greet the waking of the sun and another day begins to unfold. Along with the new dawn, I welcome all of you to the convergence of Imagination, Earth, Technology, and "Dragonflydaze".

That being said; I now hope to share with you some of my special travels.

All were born of tranquil moments, and physical translations that are embedded inside
visions of shimmering cool waters guarded by colorful and agile dragonflies.

Some of these travels have transformed themselves into pieces of art and become fused into the magic of the Earth's soul.

Thank You for sharing your time within the website, my imagination, and these travel images that now have dimension and life.